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Agribusiness Training

Thank you to all who attended and supported our Agribusiness Training Series last Saturday at Sta Maria Dairy Farm! Thank you also to our speakers who are specialists in their respective fields and to Sir Joey Tapay of Sta. Maria Dairy Farm. The series consisted of 3 topics relevant to today’s livestock farming: DAIRY “Dairying […]

OK BA TOYS Year 15

OK Ba Toys Banner

Christmas isn’t always about receiving, it’s also about giving. Last December 12, 2018, one of the longest-running projects of JCI Lipa, “OK BA TOYS” a Christmas gift-giving project, marked its 15th year. As part of JCI Lipa’s 50th Golden Year, we decided to share love and happiness to a bigger scale this Christmas. For the […]

Thrifty Fifty: A Yard Sale

Ukay for Charity It’s true that there’s money in ukay-ukay. One man’s trash can be another man’s treasure. In a way, ukay-ukays are good because they promote reuse and recycle. But the idea of ukay for charity? That is good and noble. In November of 2018, JCI Lipa organized a project under the direction of […]


By: JCI Member Jr Mitra “Dagos” is a Tagalog word that means “to rush or to hurry up.” To celebrate oneness and communal effort amongst JCI Lipa members, the DAGOS 2015 Race was conceptualized as this years’ ultimate teambuilding activity. The DAGOS Race came to mean: Developing Attitudes Geared towards Outstanding Service. JCI Lipa members […]

Daycare On A Hill

by JCI Kiel Lasala & JCI Riva Lasala JCI Lipa constructed a new daycare for their adopted community in Sitio Hillview, Barangay Antipolo del Sur, Lipa City.  This project is a Legacy project of LOM Pres. Aysa Garcia which was chaired by JCI Mem. Riva Lasala and co-chaired by BJCI Mem. Mel Tadeo. THe Daycare […]

2015 JCI Week Celebration

The Junior Chamber International Lipa recently concluded their celebration of the JCI Week. The event comprised of projects that aim to promote the organization to the community, and to initiate programs that are guided by the 6 tenets of the JCI Values; all geared towards the development of JCI members and their immediate community. The […]

JCI LIPA Summer Survivor Series

JCI LIPA held the program called “JCI Lipa Summer SURVIVOR Series” headed by Chairman Diane Fabie last May 31, 2014 at Burot Beach, Calatagan. The program was designed on the concept of the reality TV shows specifically Survivor, Fear Factor, and Amazing Race. Members of the Local Chapter were grouped into teams with distinct colors […]