By: JCI Member Jr Mitra

“Dagos” is a Tagalog word that means “to rush or to hurry up.” To celebrate oneness and communal effort amongst JCI Lipa members, the DAGOS 2015 Race was conceptualized as this years’ ultimate teambuilding activity. The DAGOS Race came to mean: Developing Attitudes Geared towards Outstanding Service.

JCI Lipa members were grouped into 6 teams a day before the race, namely: Masikap, Matatag, Marunong, Magiting, Mahusay and Masigla. Members of each team were pre-selected by the project committee to ensure a balanced distribution of members and to acquaint the Baby JCI with regular members.

On the race day, participants had to endure physical, mental, and emotional challenges, over an 80-kilometer course, across 5 cities, and with 10 obstacles.

In true JCI Lipa spirit, every project of the chapter needs to create impact to the community. As such, SOS Children’s Village served as a beneficiary of one of the challenge that the teams will be completing. In the said challenge, teams were tasked to help out in a poultry farm and transport of sacks of feeds from the garage to the storage room, and also help in the collection of eggs from chicken pen. These eggs were then donated to the houses of SOS Children’s Village.

Other challenges highlighted popular sites in the different cities included in the race. For example, a selfie task with San Jose’s egg marker, and a visit to Ibaan’s oldest church were included as race activities.

The final challenge was held by the beach and participants had to unearth puzzle pieces from the sand and complete the word puzzle of JCI Values and Mission. Team Masikap emerged as the winner of the race followed by Team Matatag and Team Magiting for the 2nd and 3rd spot, respectively.

The event culminated with a bonfire celebration filled with good food, happy memories, and great people having a grand time.