by JCI Mem. Mariel Luz T. De Castro


Since 2013, JCI Lipa has been supporting Sitio Hillview, a small community located in Brgy Antipolo del Sur, Lipa City, Batangas, that is home to around 100 marginalised families that are in need of help and support. JCI Lipa is dedicated to uplift the lives of these families and has implemented various activities to help the community. As part JCI Lipa’s continuous effort, Project GANAP or Gawaing Nagpapaunlad ng Pangkabuhayan was launched on April 11, 2014.

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Project GANAP is long-term program of JCI Lipa in coordination with the women of Sitio Hillview. It aims to contribute towards the promotion of livelihood enterprise activities within the community level through the following stages:

STAGE 1: Livelihood Skills Workshop on Perfume and Housekeeping Product Making such as Dishwashing Liquid and Fabric Conditioner
STAGE 2: Capacity building, Identification of Product (Dishwashing Liquid) and Resource-Mobilization
STAGE 3: Production and Selling of Dishwashing Liquid in the Local Market
STAGE 4: Entrepreneurial Mentorship & Monitoring
The principal concept behind Project GANAP rests on the basic principle of empowerment and of the 3rd tenet of JCI values – That economic justice can best be won by free men through free enterprise. Moreover, by equipping the women with better and more productive endeavors that enrich their knowledge in livelihood, they are able to earn
extra income to provide for their families; and ultimately given a chance to positively change their future.

After intensive immersion within the Sitio Hillview, JCI Lipa members were able to plan a project that would best promote entrepreneurship to the local community that is empowering and sustainable that will be
accomplished in 4 stages:

A one-day workshop in Hillview aimed to instill the idea that entrepreneurship can be for everyone was held in partnership with My Livelihood, My Business Facilitators Rey Pascor and Rodel Sta. Ana. The workshop made use of lecture and demonstrations on how to make dishwashing liquid, fabric conditioner and perfume where participants learn by both seeing and doing. About 47 women from Hillview joined this workshop.

This stage involves the identification of women who are interested in pursuing the project. Engagement takes place to get their full commitment and support for the success of the program. With JCI Lipa’s assistance, these women are given the opportunity to produce housekeeping products, sell them and get 100% of the profits for their families and immediate community.

After months of closely working with the Hillview women, JCI Lipa launched the Hillview Dishwashing Liquid on July 8, 2014. This product is branded as being solely produced by the women from Sitio Hillview and is up to par with the dishwashing products in the market. JCI Lipa actively supports the community’s selling by tapping private and government sectors to showcase, sell and/or use the product in their establishments. Moreover, JCI Lipa forged partnerships with local establishments to allow the women to showcase and sell the product to many Lipenos, and
at the same time, to bring awareness about situation of the Sitio Hillview Community. The following establishments were given a 3-Layer Display Stand and Product Poster for easier display and selling:
• Lito’s Builders and Construction Supply
• LTFRB Region IV Office
• Ala Fiesta Restaurant
• Milkjoy
• Lucky ZAM Pawnshop
Moreover, dozens of Hillview Dishwashing liquid have been sold to local restaurants and catering chains with the help of JCI Lipa members, families and friends.
• Potato Corner, SM Lipa
• Potato Corner, SM Batangas
• Potato Corner, SM Hypermarket Batangas
• On the Big day Catering
• Monti’s Bed & Breakfast

As of July 26 ,2014:
• 287 bottles of Hillview Dishwashing Liquid have been produced by the Hillview women
• 266 bottles of Hillview Dishwashing Liquid sold
• 144 bottles of Hillview Dishwashing Liquid yet to be produced and delivered
• 100% of profits go to the Hillview women

After the launch of the Hillview Dishwasing Liquid in the market, JCI Lipa has continuously worked with the women and guided them on the basics of doing business efficiently and effectively (eg. production and marketing). JCI Lipa has continuously offered entrepreneurial mentorship through meetings and call/sms correspondences. A follow-up meeting was held on July 25, 2014 and more scheduled at least once every month.


Project GANAP made possible the promotion of enterprise activities in Sitio Hillivew. Through livelihood skills training and capacity building, JCI Lipa awakened the entrepreneurial spirit of the women of Hillview and encouraged them, who used to spend their time doing nothing at home, to pursue making dishwashing liquid and sell them in order to earn additional income to provide for their family’s needs. But more than that, the essence of Project GANAP is not only about giving business opportunities. JCI Lipa believes that the opportunity given to the women of Hillview and the community does not only give them added income but also empowers them as individuals, gives them a higher level of fulfillment through their renewed sense of pride and hope and most of all promotes the spirit of entrepreneurship among its community. At the end of the day, the realization that you have the capacity to work and earn gives way to working on creating a better future, today. At the same time, for the members of JCI Lipa and everyone involved, Project Ganap has instilled that entrepreneurship is not only for those with money and education but for those who have the willingness and passion. Also, that everyone has in their own little
way: be it spending time with the community, helping the women in production of the dishwashing liquid, guiding them on the basics of doing business or buying a bottle of the Hillview Dishwashing Liquid, has capacity to positively make a difference.
The Hillview Dishwashing Liquid carries a message that when one purchases a bottle, one is becoming part of helping the Hillview women and its community, of changing their future and creating positive change.

You can be part of these efforts too. By purchasing a bottle, you are becoming part of changing a community. Become part of creating POSITIVE change.

Since its launch in April 2014, Project GANAP has gained a strong foothold not only within the community but also among the members of JCI Lipa and Lipenos. On September 6, 2014, Project GANAP won the Best Local Economic Development Program at the Southern Luzon Area Convention (SOLAC) held in Batangas City. But the work is not done, JCI Lipa aims to continuously work with its adopted community by guiding them on the basics of doing business efficiently and effectively. By working with the women closely, JCI Lipa yearns to further accomplish the following:
– to increase sales and production of Dishwashing Liquid (2015: 100% increase)
– to add more products to such as Fabric Conditioner and Detergent
– to actively look for cheaper but quality materials/ingredients to minimize cost and better
– to impart with the women and the community the value of being market-oriented and resource-based
– to involve not only the women of Hillview, but whole community and other organizations in Project Ganap