JCI LIPA held the program called “JCI Lipa Summer SURVIVOR Series” headed by Chairman Diane Fabie last May 31, 2014 at Burot Beach, Calatagan. The program was designed on the concept of the reality TV shows specifically Survivor, Fear Factor, and Amazing Race. Members of the Local Chapter were grouped into teams with distinct colors and were tasked to complete various activities like in the TV program.

The program started with the idea that a standardized Team Building Program be launched for the members. Soon, the activities were triggered not only to create a rapport amongst the members but a different level of knowledge adept and inclined to: preparedness in critical situations like in times of calamity (limited resources), unity, improved communication, and physical endurance.

Notable activities were: Race to pitstops, team cheer competition, team race rally, cooking egg with just paper, and the meal worm challenge. The activities are carefully designed as to consider the areas of improvement needed for the chapter members. Proven to be beneficial, 90% of the membership attended the said program and was decided that constant team building such as this can be used in the Local Chapter and in other sister chapters as well should it be decided standardization of the specific activities.

The program was awarded with the prestigious “Dangal Award” for the Best Community Development Program during the Southern Luzon Area Conference in Batangas.