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Christmas isn’t always about receiving, it’s also about giving.

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Last December 12, 2018, one of the longest-running projects of JCI Lipa, “OK BA TOYS” a Christmas gift-giving project, marked its 15th year. As part of JCI Lipa’s 50th Golden Year, we decided to share love and happiness to a bigger scale this Christmas. For the first time, Ok Ba Toys is giving back to about 300 hundred children at Poblacion Lobo, Batangas City. Under the direction of President Cathy Dimaculangan with JCI Lipa members chair and co-chair, Amanda Go and Marianne Boongaling.

With the help of JCI Lipa members, family and friends, we’ve gathered donations in different forms, used and new toys, bags, snacks and money. Cathy’s angels and members packed loot bags for the kids. A JCI Lipa project, Thrifty Fifty: A Yard Sale, raised funds for the food and mascot from Jollibee.

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JCI Lipa arrived at Lobo and started the day with a mass. Then transferred to the cover court, where the children have gathered with their parents and teachers, to start the prepared program. The kids played tons of games receiving different kinds of prizes. Some of the parents also played and gave it all they’ve got to win for their children. The fun never stopped, with shows from Jollibee himself and a magician, sponsored by some members. A raffle for toys was also happening during the event. One child even got teary eyed when he won one of the grand prize. Then we distributed loot bags filled with toys and snacks. No one goes home empty handed!

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Bringing Ok Ba Toys out of Lipa was one of the highlights of this project this time. Lobo is one of the less developed places in Batangas. They don’t even have Jollibee in the area, so bringing Jollibee to them was enough to receive bright smiles from the children. Brighter smiles appeared when Jollibee himself and the magician showed up, we learned that most of the children have never seen a mascot and a magician till that day. Seeing these children all smiling, looking so happy was so fulfilling and made the travel all the way to Lobo definitely worth it. We genuinely hope we made their Christmas happy. JCI Lipa will continue to make hundreds of children smile every Christmas. See you at Year 16!