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Ukay for Charity

It’s true that there’s money in ukay-ukay. One man’s trash can be another man’s treasure. In a way, ukay-ukays are good because they promote reuse and recycle. But the idea of ukay for charity? That is good and noble.

Thrifty Fifty Yard Sale Participants In November of 2018, JCI Lipa organized a project under the direction of its Present President Cathy Dimaculangan as part of JCI Lipa’s 50th golden year entitled, Thrifty Fifty: A Yard Sale. Said project was chaired by JCI Lipa member, Atty. Greta Resurreccion, and co-chaired by JCI Lipa members, RJ Manguera and Myron Manguera. It was held for three days from November 27 to 29,  at the former The Yard in Villa Lourdes, Lipa City, sponsored by JCI Lipa Director, Jed Manguera. Used clothes, shoes, toys, wares, household and baby things, and other useful items were collected with the help of Potato Corner, SM Lipa branch.

During the yard sale, more items poured in from kind individuals, like used designer bags, designer clothing, branded shoes, and even a digital camera, which were consigned at the yard sale for a percentage of the proceeds donated to JCI Lipa.

Thrifty Fifty Yard Sale Items Up for SaleJCI Lipa members with the help of PP Cathy’s angels volunteered to sort, set up and man the 3-day yard sale. It was fun to see buyers finding treasures at the yard sale, and fulfilling to raise funds for the beneficiaries of the project.

The proceeds of the yard sale was to fund another JCI Lipa project entitled, OK BA TOYS, which is an annual Christmas gift-giving project for less fortunate children. The chosen beneficiaries are public school children of Lobo, Batangas.  The yard sale raised Php35,000 which enabled to buy food to feed about 300 children during the OK BA TOYS Christmas party in December 2018.

All in all, the THRIFTY FIFTY yard sale was a success because of the gracious and charitable spirit of the community of JCI Lipa.

Truly, it is great to be blessed to be a blessing to others.

Writeup by Greta Resurreccion