verticalcollageProject Chairman: Josef Nicole Olave

A phased program led by Chair JN Olave was done in cooperation with Baranggay 4 Senior Citizens and Department of Agriculture.

Phase 1:  Problem Identification and Knowledge Acquisition

Climate Change has been a foregoing problem in the world. High urbanization built from increase in infrastructure and buildings was led by the need of mankind to adopt to the fast paced industry and technology increase. The problem arises as land intended for plants and trees are converted to buildings and homes specifically in highly urbanized cities. This tends to convey as lesser fresh and nutritious food  from fruits and vegetables are produced lesser and that most of it were transported from other nearby vicinity affecting the cost of it to be produced.

Senior Citizens are often mistaken as a less functioning citizen with their inability to work. In other countries, Senior Citizens are opted to work strenuously as government initiatives increase the working age limit. In the Philippines, Senior Citizens enjoy retirement age however, most of them still cope up and wants to earn for a living or provide an adept source for their daily expenditures or food requirements.

JCI Lipa exploited two encompassing adversities, thereby acknowledging that backyard farming in highly urbanized areas can still be done properly in the minimum effort necessary that even Senior Citizens can implement.

Last November 9, 2018, a formal training was conducted by speaker Miss Maribel Eguia of Department of Agriculture, Southern Tagalog Integrated Agricultural Research Center (STIARC) and Organic Agriculture Research and Development Center (OARDC)

for JCI Lipa members and Senior Citizens of Brgy 4 led by Senior Citizen President Marilou Dimaculangan. The training was to help the Senior Citizens to learn how to do Vertical Urban Organic Farming at the comfort of their own backyard or allotted space in their Baranggay. The training also helped the Senior Citizens plan on which type would best suit their implementation which is an inverted 1.5L bottle of softdrinks.

Phase 2: Infrastructure Setup and Maintenance

Last December 18, 2018, With the initiatives of Chair JN Olave and the donations of JT Moland, a vertical infrastructure was made to setup the Vertical Farming. JCI Lipa members helped in setup and planting the seeds (which the Department of Agriculture gave during the training) while the elders are now maintaining it.

Now, the Senior Citizens of Brgy 4 are enjoying organic vegetables that they grew.