The BARAKO Newsletter was awarded as the Best JCI Local Org Publication in the 35th South Luzon Area Conference (SOLAC 2015) during the DANGAL Awards Night in Iriga City.   

JCI Lipa has been spearheading projects and activities of significant impact for 46 years. These efforts have helped develop the members and the community in matters of leadership, civic involvement, and public service. Given the many initiatives of the organization, there is a need to promote and give recognition to its many projects in the community, so that more people can be made aware of who the organization is and what it stands for.

Driven by this need, JCI Lipa decided to increase visibility and involvement in the community by publishing a newsletter. Thus, The Barako came into fruition. The Barako is a quarterly newsletter that started in October 2014. The newsletter features local, national, and international JCI news, focused on the involvement of the local chapter and its members. The newsletter also feature prominent community news such as outstanding citizens of the community, and projects of the local government.

For each issue, JCI Lipa produces a minimum of 100 copies of its newsletter every quarter. The newsletter is distributed to other JCI chapters, as well as in high traffic locations in Lipa and Batangas City, such as grocery stores, hotels and resorts.

The main objective of The Barako is to provide relevant and timely information about JCI Lipa and the community it serves. It functions as an avenue to disseminate information and promote JCI Lipa among various stakeholders.

The Barako also serves as a learning instrument and an opportunity for members to grow and develop additional skills involved in the production and publication of a newsletter, all while serving its intended purpose of promoting and recognizing the local organization.