It is this year, 2019, that JCI Lipa is celebrating its 50 years of existence. As part of the celebration, all of the projects that we have are connected to JCI Lipa’s 50th year anniversary. At the beginning of the term, the chapter is already clear in its plans on what projects they are going to have. 

As part of the celebration and promotion of our 50 year anniversary, we made a logo and have it attached in our chapter’s t-shirt, posters, project tarps, umbrellas, mugs, pens, notebooks, and books. The chapter also created/chartered the JCI Lipa Senate.

Most of our projects this year have short videos and we partnered with different media channels like ABS-CBN, WOW Batangas and vloggers like ThatsBella. Because of these, the promotion/marketing of the 50th Year Anniversary Celebration was able to reach a wider market and to the entire public.

50 Years of Award-winning Performance and Positive Impact to the Community

In JCI Lipa’s 50th Year Anniversary, we had a 100%  membership participation. Not only our current members became active and participated in all of our projects but also our associate members, past members, and past presidents. Because of the active participation of our members in the 50th Year Anniversary Celebration, it resulted in the growth of the number of our membership. From Category 2 with 65 members last year to Category 1 for the first time with 76 registered members plus 20 new members. Everyone was excited and motivated to be part of this celebration. In fact, 90% of the membership became chair or co-chair of a project and everyone became part of a committee. 

JCI Lipa Current and Past Presidents at the 50th Anniversary Ball