by JCI Mem Ana Resurreccion

Maria Aysa Manalo - JCI LipaAysa, as she is commonly called, is regarded as the older sister to all her colleagues in JCI Lipa.. Her unparalleled contributions to the chapter and the impact she has made both in the local and national levels gave merits to the organization.

Topping her contributions, she chaired JCI Lipa President’s Golf Tournament which generated an income of P126, 000.00. Aysa, being at the forefront in terms of information dissemination, facilitated timely and comprehensive text blasts for every endeavor initiated by the local organization (LO). She made time to attend all General Membership Meetings (GMMs), committee meetings, and extended support of any forms in the implementation of the LO’s projects. She also headed the installation of JCI marker in its adopted community in Sitio Hillview as part of the JCI week celebration that she also chaired. The latter was actually attended by JCI Philippines National Board members.

Her career in JCI further blossomed when she was assigned as the 2014 Regional Secretary for Southern Tagalog Region.

Aysa is a true example of a member who remains committed to JCI Values. She wholeheartedly embraced these values and carried them out in her every undertaking exemplified as follows:

Faith in God. She attended mass and put God first in every JCI activity.
Brotherhood of Men. She attended almost all JCI Lipa’s activities and meetings, was active in attending trainings, inductions in other chapters, and other JCI activities that foster camaraderie. She encouraged other members to also attend different JCI activities.

Economic Justice. She was active in the recruitment of members and promoted networking. She chaired JCI Lipa’s aforementioned fund raising project to help fund other LO’s projects.
Government should be of Laws. She made it sure to always give courtesy to the officials of partner barangays and made clear to them the good intentions of JCI Lipa.

Human Personality. She has grown in character and her presence commands respect among the younger members of the Chapter.

Service to Humanity. She was diligent in doing follow- ups in their adopted community. Just like after typhoon Glenda, Aysa with the other JCI Lipa members visited HILLVIEW to check on their situation.
JCI has also proven to be a strong influence in Aysa’s life, not to mention how it helped her become a better person and in all aspects of her being wife and a mother.