by JCI Mem. Juan Teodoro Katigbak

Tatak Katigbak - JCI Lipa

KATIGBAK Family bags the Award of Merit for Most Outstanding JCI Family during the 2014 Southern Luzon Area Conference last September 6, 2014.

The Katigbak family of Lipa has always been active in the efforts to develop the city. When JCI Lipa was established in 1969, members of the family took part and became agents of change. They became pioneers of community projects and held many positions within the organization.

The Active Youth
Today, Paolo, Jicelle, Cayo, and Melissa are the new generation that represents the family. These new breed of professionals have shown commitment and passion to continue the legacy of service. Inspired by the vision to become active citizens and change agents, they engage in a multitude of community projects and spearhead initiatives for the city through JCI.

Through out their JCI careers, they have been very visible, dedicated and enthusiastic in inspiring others to do the same. By active involvement in almost all projects, project and even holding positions in the BOD, the young Katigbaks have been able to live out the JCI vision.

An Extended Family
Aside from helping the community, JCI Lipa has served as a second home for these young Katigbak and the other JCI
Lipa members. Being part of the JCI Lipa family is not about meeting once a month and attending projects, it has evolved into an extended family, the best friend you never had, the ‘barkada’ you will forever cherish. That’s what makes being JCI so fun and memorable: being with the people who backs you up through thick and thin, and who continue to push you to be better.

In JCI, you learn to become better and contribute in helping the lives of other people be better. It is this thirst for continuous improvement and this calling for a better future that inspires all active citizens to do their part. The young generation of Katigbak will further contribute in realizing these goals and inspire the future generations of their family to do the same.